The Man In The Hotel Ceiling

His hotel hides a secret.

When Mike, a British forensics expert, stays in an Auckland hotel apartment he inadvertently gets involved in a murder. Entrusted with a data source that proves Russian involvement, Mike hotfoots it back to London to deliver it safely into the right hands.

Avoiding poisoning by a Russian seductress and detecting mobsters disguised as scientists are the least of Mike’s worries. Unwilling to let go of the case, he falls even deeper down the rabbit hole, risking his life to track down the Handler in a race against time.

Who is the Handler, how is he connected with the man in the hotel ceiling, and what does he want with Uncle Reggie?

The Man in the Hotel Ceiling is the second book in the Uncle Reggie action adventure series. Keep reading to find out what happens next in the thrilling conclusion: The Girl From Wonderland.