The Illiterate Prince

Wake. Work. Sleep. Repeat. Eric Prince is in a rut. He manages a fast food restaurant, plays computer games. Smokes a bit. Life is a little ho-hum. And on a night like any other he closes the restaurant and heads home.

But then he wakes up naked, on a cliff, in a fantasy world with no idea how he got there. Or how anything works. And things are very different in this world… For a start they don’t speak English. Or read and write English. Which makes him illiterate.

Desperate for answers, Eric makes friends with a waitress, a librarian and a horse who seems smarter than them all put together. With violent death around every corner, will he make it back home or will he be stuck in a medieval world forever?

For anyone who loves portal fantasies and other world adventures.

★★★★★ …unlike any other fantasy adventure I have read… A truly remarkable story that will keep readers wondering what is going to happen next!… will keep readers engaged to the end…  kept me thinking about it long after I finished… I loved The Illiterate Prince!
– Andrea Shacklee, Goodreads

★★★★★  Throughout the protagonist’s journey, his world becomes ever-more intriguing as he faces danger, secrecy, discovery, and surprise that is beautifully balanced with a taste of Eric’s joy in finding fulfilment, purpose and a sense of direction in his life – making this novel a delight to read.
-Adriane, Goodreads

★★★★★  The Illiterate Prince is a fun read where magic, fights with monsters, and constant thrill are not sparse.The book is a story of adventure, of hope and self-discovery. I really enjoyed it and I hope the author is planning a sequel!
-Katy Hristova, Goodreads


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