Adventures in Analytics

Want a promotion? A larger raise? Or guidance on how to handle your psycho boss?

Adventures in Analytics is for anyone who wants to achieve a satisfying career in Analytics. It presents ideas, anecdotes, and experiences from fifty industry professionals, most at senior manager level, who provide valuable insights for getting ahead—and how to handle that psycho boss… 

Whether you’re just starting out, a manager or a senior manager, there’s something here for everyone. 

  • “I wish I had your book when I first got promoted into my manager role because I fell into every hole you mentioned.” – Aalia van Wyk, Analytics Delivery Lead,  Countdown Supermarkets
  • “A must-read for anyone navigating the intricate world of analytics.” – Tom Wolfenden, Director of Corporate Data, Hirschbach
  • “This book shares the highs, lows and inevitable frustrations… the dialogue and the dynamics will help you forge your own path in a fast changing environment.” – Chris Carey, Former Global Insight Director, EMI Music

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You Had Me at Ice Cream

From treadmill to true love?

Zara isn’t what Oliver expects when he enlists a personal trainer named “Zee” to shed his Covid kilos. She’s blonde, brainy, and never says no to a Magnum – something Oliver can get on board with being an ice cream lover himself.

Suddenly, exercising is less excruciating with Zara slogging it out next to him on the treadmill – even if he is paying her for his pain.

Zara isn’t oblivious to Oliver’s charms and, as they become closer, considers breaking her “never date a client” rule for him. But she could be too late to the party. Other women are noticing his newly toned physique and aren’t being shy about it.

With Oliver’s ego swelling along with his muscles, and their friendship hanging in the balance, can they even remain gym buddies, let alone grow into something more?

A lighthearted, dual POV, friends-to-lovers romantic comedy for fans of Portia MacIntosh and Beth O’Leary.


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The Illiterate Prince

Wake. Work. Sleep. Repeat. Eric Prince is in a rut. He manages a fast food restaurant, plays computer games. Smokes a bit. Life is a little ho-hum. And on a night like any other he closes the restaurant and heads home.

But then he wakes up naked, on a cliff, in a fantasy world with no idea how he got there. Or how anything works. And things are very different in this world… For a start they don’t speak English. Or read and write English. Which makes him illiterate.

Desperate for answers, Eric makes friends with a waitress, a librarian and a horse who seems smarter than them all put together. With violent death around every corner, will he make it back home or will he be stuck in a medieval world forever?

For anyone who loves portal fantasies and other world adventures.

★★★★★ …unlike any other fantasy adventure I have read… A truly remarkable story that will keep readers wondering what is going to happen next!… will keep readers engaged to the end…  kept me thinking about it long after I finished… I loved The Illiterate Prince!
– Andrea Shacklee, Goodreads

★★★★★  Throughout the protagonist’s journey, his world becomes ever-more intriguing as he faces danger, secrecy, discovery, and surprise that is beautifully balanced with a taste of Eric’s joy in finding fulfilment, purpose and a sense of direction in his life – making this novel a delight to read.
-Adriane, Goodreads

★★★★★  The Illiterate Prince is a fun read where magic, fights with monsters, and constant thrill are not sparse.The book is a story of adventure, of hope and self-discovery. I really enjoyed it and I hope the author is planning a sequel!
-Katy Hristova, Goodreads


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The Kids Who Lived In A Hole

They can only escape by hiding underground.

Fifteen year old Marcus Rutherford and his younger sister Zoe arrive at their Uncle Reggie’s estate in idyllic Sussex. Free from having to look after his sister, Marcus explores the huge estate to learn more about his uncle’s mysterious money-making schemes.

One night, the countryside erupts in violence, propelling Marcus and Zoe into a great adventure. Going into hiding, in an underground bunker – with only a strange bandaged actress for company – wasn’t part of their summer holiday plan.

Will they ever make it out of the bunker? And will they ever see Uncle Reggie again?

The Kids Who Lived in a Hole is the first book in the Uncle Reggie action adventure series. Keep reading to find out what happens next with The Man in the Hotel Ceiling and The Girl From Wonderland.

★★★★☆ Fast pace plot, lots of great descripted writing. Ending left open so can’t wait to read next two books – S. Redpath-Baird

★★★★½ I enjoyed this immensely…exciting plot and good location description. It left me hanging at the end so I look forward to reading the second book in the series – Elaine Pearse




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If you are in New Zealand and want to buy a physical (paperback or hardback) copy, Blackwell’s in the UK will ship the book to NZ customers for a reasonable amount – not sure how long it’ll take to get to you, but until I nail down a local distributor, it looks like the best bet for my NZ readers



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The Man In The Hotel Ceiling

His hotel hides a secret.

When Mike, a British forensics expert, stays in an Auckland hotel apartment he inadvertently gets involved in a murder. Entrusted with a data source that proves Russian involvement, Mike hotfoots it back to London to deliver it safely into the right hands.

Avoiding poisoning by a Russian seductress and detecting mobsters disguised as scientists are the least of Mike’s worries. Unwilling to let go of the case, he falls even deeper down the rabbit hole, risking his life to track down the Handler in a race against time.

Who is the Handler, how is he connected with the man in the hotel ceiling, and what does he want with Uncle Reggie?

The Man in the Hotel Ceiling is the second book in the Uncle Reggie action adventure series. Keep reading to find out what happens next in the thrilling conclusion: The Girl From Wonderland.





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The Girl From Wonderland

Code is her weapon, in a race against time…

England welcomes a new summer, three years after an uprising. Expert coder Alice Woodstock returns from Australia, looking for work. A chance encounter with Detective Boris McDonald leads to an all night coding session and a headlong race across London to stop a terrorist attack.

The fallout from her efforts brings her to the attention of the Home Office who are closing in on the shadowy figure behind the historic uprising – The Handler. Alice is recruited to corner him, before realising she may be in more danger than she thought.

Can a coder hook a cunning foe before she’s caught herself? The Girl From Wonderland is the thrilling conclusion to the Uncle Reggie action adventure series.


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