The Kids Who Lived In A Hole

They can only escape by hiding underground.

Fifteen year old Marcus Rutherford and his younger sister Zoe arrive at their Uncle Reggie’s estate in idyllic Sussex. Free from having to look after his sister, Marcus explores the huge estate to learn more about his uncle’s mysterious money-making schemes.

One night, the countryside erupts in violence, propelling Marcus and Zoe into a great adventure. Going into hiding, in an underground bunker – with only a strange bandaged actress for company – wasn’t part of their summer holiday plan.

Will they ever make it out of the bunker? And will they ever see Uncle Reggie again?

The Kids Who Lived in a Hole is the first book in the Uncle Reggie action adventure series. Keep reading to find out what happens next with The Man in the Hotel Ceiling and The Girl From Wonderland.

★★★★☆ Fast pace plot, lots of great descripted writing. Ending left open so can’t wait to read next two books – S. Redpath-Baird

★★★★½ I enjoyed this immensely…exciting plot and good location description. It left me hanging at the end so I look forward to reading the second book in the series – Elaine Pearse




Physical Product

If you are in New Zealand and want to buy a physical (paperback or hardback) copy, Blackwell’s in the UK will ship the book to NZ customers for a reasonable amount – not sure how long it’ll take to get to you, but until I nail down a local distributor, it looks like the best bet for my NZ readers